Fun Facts About Tybee Island

June 23, 2021
Tybee Island

Fun Facts About Tybee Island

You won’t just find Savannah’s best seafood & outdoor dining on Tybee Island! The Original Crab Shack is proud to be a part of a very special and unique Tybee Island community. Tybee Island is an amazing place to call home, and unlike anywhere else you will ever visit! Here are a few special things we love about Tybee Island.


Tybee Means “Salt”

Most historians believe “Tybee” is derived from the Native American Euchee word for “salt” – one of many local, natural resources that played important roles in the island’s history.



The Tybee Island Lighthouse/Station History » Beachside Colony Resort

Georgia’s oldest Working Lighthouse


In 1736, the first Tybee Island lighthouse was built. At 90feet, it was the tallest US structure at the time. It is Georgia’s oldest lighthouse still in use today.



1958 Tybee Island mid-air collision - Wikipedia

The “Tybee Bomb”


The US Air Force dropped a 7,600 pound nuclear bomb near the island during a failed military exercise in 1958 that resulted in two planes colliding. It did not detonate and has never been found.



Description: 2/16/11, nature. These dolphins are "mudding", or "strand  feeding"- which we happened upon on … | Savannah chat, Beautiful places to  visit, Hilton head

Tybee dolphins go “Mudding”

Georgia’s uniquely large tidal range allows dolphins to forage by strand feeding –herding fish up onto the mud flats along estuaries where the dolphins then pick up the fish off of the mud. This feeding behavior is also called “mudding” and is only seen in a handful of regions around the world.


Crab Shack on Tybee Island |

The Crab Shack Experience

And of course,no trip to Tybee is complete without experiencing the one and only Crab Shack! We are not part of any chain or associated with any other “crab shacks”. You’ll have to come to Tybee for the Crab Shack Experience!

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