Fun Facts About Alligators

May 20, 2021

The Gator Lagoon at The Original Crab Shack

The Original Crab Shack is well known for as Savannah’s best seafood and outdoor dining, but did you know we also have an interactive, educational Gator Lagoon?


It’s true! Before or after you enjoy a seafood & BBQ feast, get a bag of “Gator Treats” and feed the baby alligators in our Gator Lagoon! You can get the Gator Treats from your server, the bartender, or in the Gift Shack.


Our Gator Lagoon isn’t just fun, it’s educational too! Here are some fun facts about our American alligators that you’ll learn about when you visit us.


Nothing But The Tooth

Alligators have approximately 80 teeth. When they wear down or are lost in battle, they are replaced with new teeth. An alligator can go through 2,000 to 3,000 teeth in a lifetime.


Solar Powered Alligators

The spikes on the Alligator’s back are called scoots. The scoots main purpose is to help regulate their temperature.  They act like little solar panels.  As the heat hits the back of the alligator, the blood flows to the top.  They store that energy and use it throughout the night.


Wake Me In The Spring

Alligators do not hibernate like mammals, but they do enter a hibernative-like state called brumation during the colder months. During this time, the alligator’s metabolic processes slow and the alligators become very inactive. They do not eat, but they will continue to drink water to stay hydrated. They will sun themselves on a warm day but will not become active and begin eating until the temperatures are consistently above 75 degrees. Here in coastal Georgia, the period of inactivity is usually November-March, depending on the weather.


It is very important to remember that you should NEVER feed or approach a wild alligator. Our alligators are born in captivity and live their entire lives in captivity and are never released to the wild. Stop by and join us and learn more about these fascinating reptiles!

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